Back Pain and Scoliosis Specialists in North Melbourne

Body and Health Creation has a team of back pain and scoliosis specialists on hand to provide treatment to help reduce the unpleasant effects of these conditions. Our team of highly trained and experienced specialists operate in a friendly and caring manner, as we understand the stresses of receiving treatment for these conditions. Body and Health Creation was created with the intention of assisting athletes, professionals and individuals improve their health and wellbeing through the effective use of osteopathic treatments and massage.

Our broad range of treatments have the ability to treat different regions of the back effected by pain and discomfort. Our North Melbourne clinic is conveniently located to treat athletes and individuals from inner city Melbourne, the northern suburbs and throughout the greater metropolitan area. We welcome all who require our treatment to our clinic as premier intention of Body and Health Creation is to help those suffering with back pain and scoliosis lead a normal and pain-free life.

If you would like to book a consultation with one of the trusted back pain and scoliosis specialists at Body and Health Creation, feel free to give us a call on 1300 234 963 or by filling out an enquiry form on our contact page. We will reply quickly and with al the information you require.

Why Choose Body and Health Creation?

At Body and Health Creation, we understand the importance of relieving back pain that is keeping you from enjoying everyday life. If you are currently experiencing discomfort throughout this area, either as a result from direct injury from sport or exercise, from a pulled muscle in your back, or because of general life occurrences, our back specialists in Melbourne are available to help you return to a more relaxed physical state, restoring your freedom to live without discomfort.

Whilst there are many kinds of specialists who treat your condition, our Melbourne professionals can help care for a number of spinal conditions, symptoms and injuries that are all contributing to your discomfort. When present, upper and lower back pain can cause a range of correlating issues, including headaches, stiff neck issues and hip and pelvis conditions. Left untreated, a small problem can develop into a more chronic ache that is debilitating towards your quality of life.

Our professional back specialist team is here to help

Our upper and lower back specialists have undergone years of study and training in osteopathy, allowing us to effectively eliminate pain and tension that you are suffering from. We are experienced in a wide range of symptoms and are able to alleviate your discomfort through osteopathy and remedial massage, which treats upper and lower back aches and any pulled muscle. By manipulating and massaging muscles, bones and tissues, we are able to treat arthritis, scoliosis, pulled back muscle problems, and sports injuries, among many other causes.

Our clinicians pride themselves on their professionalism and care, providing you the best conditions for recovery and rehabilitation. Each patient receives the utmost attention when visiting our Melbourne specialists, allowing you to feel comfortable throughout your treatment at our clinic – improving your discomfort and relieving tension. We offer the most affordable services, so you can worry less about the cost of feeling better and focus more on enjoying your life.

Having provided our services to the city for countless years, we’ve developed a reputation for careful, respectable treatment that caters for the individual circumstances and medical histories of each patient. When you visit Body and Health Creation, you will be placed in the most capable hands – we utilise the latest technology and industry techniques in our upper and lower back pain treatment, following developments in research to ensure you receive premium recovery.

Providing Specialised Scoliosis Treatment

Deriving from the Greek word for bent or curved, scoliosis is today known as the most common form of spinal curvature. Although used to describe a curve or bending in the spine, scoliosis is nothing more than a descriptive term, and not a specifically-diagnosed medical condition. Once scoliosis begins to develop the spine curves sideways and begins to rotate along its vertical axis.

These shifts in the placement of the spine can create several medical and cosmetic conditions, and are associated with severe pain and discomfort. Overall, there are many categories of scoliosis, something which the specialists at Body and Health Creation have a profound understanding of. Our treatment has been designed to work on the lack of mobility and muscular stiffness associated with various forms of scoliosis. Our treatment intends to help relieve the pain and stress caused on the body by the condition, as well as with the intention to help slow or prevent the progress of scoliosis for the future. Our specialists provide treatment in a highly comfortable and non-threatening environment, as we understand the daunting nature of receiving treatment for this condition. At Body and Health Creation, we want you to live as comfortably and pain-free as possible, and we create a personalised treatment program for each of our patients to help achieve this.

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