The spikey ball is a small, spike-covered massage ball used to release muscle tightness, which facilitates increased flexibility and improved posture. Avoid using the spikey ball if you have acute inflammation, severe bruising or joint pathology. Exercises should be pain free, leaving the targeted muscles feeling lighter and more relaxed afterward.

Massage ball exercises should generally be performed 1 – 3 times per day provided they do not cause or increase pain. Initially, they should be performed gently, infrequently and on a soft surface to allow the body time to get used to the exercise. As your flexibility improves, the exercises can be progressed by performing them on harder surfaces or gradually increasing the duration or frequency of the massage ball exercises provided they do not cause or increase pain.


Gluteal Self Massage

This exercise is designed to reduce muscle tension and improve the flexibility of the gluteal (buttock) muscles.

Place the spikey massage ball under your gluteals (buttock) as demonstrated (figure 1). Using your arms and legs, slowly move your body forwards and backwards, and from side to side, allowing the spikey ball to massage your buttock region. Breathe normally keeping your legs relaxed. Repeat this process for 15 – 90 seconds provided it is comfortable and does not cause pain. You can also apply sustained pressure to a particular tight spot for periods of 15 – 60 seconds or until the muscle relaxes. This exercise can be performed lying on your back in the position demonstrated (figure 2) or with the leg being massaged in a straight or bent position.


Figure 1 – Gluteal Self Massage


Figure 2 – Gluteal Self Massage (Supine)

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