For effective ankle sprain treatment, Body and Health Creation in Melbourne is able to apply expert osteopathic techniques to relieve you of your pain and restore your quality of life. Whether your acute pain has just begun, or is chronic and persistent, our practitioners are able to assist you by restoring your joints and rejuvenating your muscles.

Our professionals treat a range of ankle problems, including those involving muscle and tendon dysfunction, the Achilles heel and painful sprained joints. If these problems are left without treatment, they can develop into something more painful, causing other issues as the pain spreads. We target the source of the problem to lighten the pain immediately and prevent any recurrences in the future.

Our treatment plan

Choosing an osteopathic specialist for your sprained ankle treatment means you are receiving dedicated and expert care. The team at Body and Health Creation has many years of experience in osteopathy, treating a range of related conditions – we are able to alleviate your precise pain using the best treatment methods.

Our initial consultation depends on an in-depth video analysis and medical history – we want to know all the factors that went into causing the pain so we can treat it well.

Developing our techniques based on scientific research developments, and common practice in the field, we use the following ankle sprain treatments:

  • Osteopathy – manipulating the foot’s muscles
  • Orthotics and footwear modifications
  • Dry needling
  • Stretching
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Foot taping

We also suggest a complete exercise and stretching plan so that, after each session, you are able to continue your rehabilitation in your own time.

The physicians at our clinic are here to help

With years of experience in the inner-northern suburbs of Melbourne, our sprained ankle osteopaths are able to help you with a comprehensive treatment plan. After our initial consultation, we will conduct thorough treatments and provide reliable, professional advice for any questions you may have.

Should you wish to book a consultation, speak to our friendly staff. Alternatively, our online booking tool lets you choose the appointment time you wish.