Preventing and solving the problems associated with too much sitting is, on the surface, very simple. We need to increase our activity, improve the quality of our movement, and learn how to perform basic maintenance on our bodies. Using these simple four guidelines you can eliminate pain and increase your productivity:

1. Reduce optional sitting in your life.
2. For every 30 minutes that you are deskbound, move for at least 2 minutes.
3. Prioritise position and mechanics whenever you can.
4. Perform 10 – 15 minutes of daily maintenance on your body.

Many of us spend way too much time sitting at work with a posture that is not supportive for our bone structure and tissues. Sitting up straight and pulling your shoulders back are important to keep in mind, but they are difficult to do unless you keep your pelvis neutral. How do I do that?
Find your “SITS” bones. Get in a chair and when you feel two hard/firm bumps, you want to sit right on top of them. If you tilt your butt back, you will feel them move backwards.

Try to slouch upper body without allowing your pelvis to posterior tilt. Come back up then allow your pelvis to posterior tilt (Tuck tail under). You will notice your upper body drop into a slouch. Keeping your pelvis in posterior tilt, try to straighten your spine, so you are upright. It’s hard to keep everything lined up if your pelvis is not level but it’s so much easier when it is!



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