Having trouble falling asleep? feeling restless, achy,crampy?

Then definitely try Magnesium oil spray by SALT LAB. It’s super effective and we are really excited to stock it at B&HC. The big difference with this magnesium product over the rest, is it absorbs directly and efficiently through the skin after spraying it.

SALT LAB was developed by a melbourne based personal trainer, nutritionist & health coach, Clementine.

Clementine has been in the health & fitness world for 9+ years, she took the leap and opened her own functional training studio in early 2015. After being open for a short time Clementine was suffering from health issues due to being extremely run down. Hormones were totally out of whack, adrenal glands exhausted, cortisol levels through the roof – the whole sha bang!

After many consults with a natural practitioner, a supplement plan was put together which saw magnesium as the key mineral to aide in her recovery. With magnesium oil being the most accessible form of magnesium out their clementine was on the hunt for a high quality magnesium oil. All the magnesium available was very ‘clinical’ and hard to get her hands on, she couldn’t find any ‘functional’ bottles available in the places she frequented. Fast forward a few months and salt lab was born.

For sleep:

  • Spray on your tummy 2- 3 times before bed, rub me in, allow to dry & drift off to sleep.

For recovery:

  • Sample it directly to the muscles trained, you can do this either directly after your session or before bed.

For cramps:

  • Apply it directly to cramping muscles.

Magnesium Benefits:

, Improve Sleep. Muscle Cramping. Restlessness.
, Improve Sleep. Muscle Cramping. Restlessness.
  • Aids sleep. Magnesium is the great sleep-promoter
  • When Magnesium Oil is rubbed on the skin, it bypasses the intestines and is absorbed into the tissues of the body
  • Magnesium has a calming effect on your body’s nervous system and relaxes the muscles, which in turn will help you with a more restful night’s sleep.
  • Magnesium regulates cortisol. It calms your nervous system and prevents excessive cortisol.
  • Magnesium lowers blood sugar. Better insulin control means fewer sugar cravings.
  • Magnesium supports thyroid. It is essential for the production of thyroid hormone.
  • Fuels cellular energy. It’s so connected to energy production, that they say: “Without magnesium, there is no cellular energy”.
  • Magnesium makes hormones. It aids with the manufacture of steroid hormones including progesterone, estrogen and testosterone.
  • Magnesium oil can be applied straight to the skin, rather than relying on the (often malfunctioning) digestive tract for optimal absorption of oral capsules.
  • Experts estimate that magnesium absorption in the digestive system ranges from 20-55%, depending on the source, meaning that half or more of the magnesium leaves the body as waste (putting a lot of additional stress on our kidneys)
  • Transdermal application (directly onto the skin) will allow the body to absorb what is needed at a much faster rate, with no additional stress on any organs to remove what is not needed. The magnesium moves directly into the bloodstream and tissues, replenishing the body’s needed magnesium stores quickly and efficiently.
  • Magnesium is used in the body to regulate heart beat, keep muscles and nerves functioning optimally, promote bone health and boost the immune system
  • Magnesium will assist athletic performance by reducing accumulation of lactic acid and reducing the perception of fatigue during strenuous exercise.
  • Magnesium allows for the metabolism of cortisol after tough workouts by reducing nervous system activation.
  • Getting enough magnesium can accelerate recovery processes and aid sleep.
  • Magnesium fights inflammation, raises antioxidant levels, and helps replenish energy stores in the muscle. It also calms the central nervous system, lowering heart rate and enabling restful sleep.

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