What is Myalgia?

The most common source of myalgia (or muscle pain) is a muscle strain due to overstretching. A muscle strain may also be referred to as a pulled muscle or a muscle tear. Muscle strains are the most common cause of lower back pain. People with poor posture, scoliosis, muscle weakness and spondylolysis may be at more risk of muscle strain along with older people as the vascularisation of their tendons is decreased.

What is the cause?

Muscle strain is most often caused by overloading or overuse of a muscle. Overloading the lower back muscles is often caused by trying to lift something too heavy or with bad technique and weaker muscles are more likely to be strained first. An unexpected fall can also be the cause of muscle strain as the lower back may not be prepared for the load put through it. Overuse muscle strains of the lower back can be caused by poor posture or trying to hold a particular position for too long.

What are the symptoms?

The results of muscle sprain in the lower back will generally involve inflammation in the area, pain, weakness, muscle spasms and a decrease in range of motion. The inflammation comes about as part of the healing process but can be the cause of muscle spasms and pain in the area. The muscle spasms act as a mechanism to protect the back from further injury.

Muscle strain treatment?

Muscle strain treatment will vary depending upon an accurate diagnosis from your health professional. The severity of your muscle strain, and what function or loads your injured muscle will need to cope with, will impact the length of your healing and rehabilitation process.

Until you’ve been accurately diagnosed with a muscle strain, use the following guidelines:

  • Ice and a compression bandage.
  • Elevate the injured region if it is swollen.
  • If it’s painful to walk you should be using crutches.
  • Cease or reduce your exercise or activity level to where you feel no pain.
Muscle strain can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to rehabilitate successfully. Please seek the advice of your osteopaths who specialises in muscle injuries eg massage therapist, to guide your treatment.
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